Forex trading or foreign currency trading focuses on online buying and selling trading currencies against each other in pairs on the foreign exchange market, with the intention to make profits. The Foreign exchange market is the largest market globally regarding international investments and trading on different currencies online. It can be easily access online by investors all around the world.
While the Forex market has the ability to enable the buying and selling of financial assets without triggering any radical price changes, it is the most liquid market worldwide. Daily more than $5 trillion is the average turnover, while most of this development is credited to the trading activity of the financial institutions in which the foreign exchange market functions. Some of these major financial institutions comprise, great central banks, governments, currency speculators and providers of financial services.

Online currency trading can be performed 24 hours a day for 5 days a week, with currencies traded amongst the main financial centres of Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Paris, Frankfurt, Zürich, Tokyo, New York and London. Today online investors have access to the global markets directly through online trading platforms, and can follow real-time price quotes 24/5 on the Forex market.


Reasons to trade FOREX:

While FOREX is so greatly traded worldwide, there is certainly a possibility to profit from both rising and falling prices.

– 24 hour trading
– Liquid Market
– Competitive Rates
– Free educational Material